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Wonderful Vampire Saviors Of Poland

Poland is a destination of choice for self appointed saviors hawking everything from high tech snake oil to management systems guaranteed to launch Poland into the new world order.

Characteristically these saviors of Poland's future are convinced that Poland has no idea about technology, health, management or whatever particular product it is that they are selling. How they know it to be the absolute truth must be because they members of the savior class and saviors know everything.

Since it is the right of saviors to preach, these saviors preach. And patronize. And lecture. Only they know what is good for Poland. And if Poland knows what is good for its people, it will buy from these saviors.

They preach that if the Polish government does not buy their product, Poland will face some sort of catastrophe or not be competitive in the real world. They preach that if only the right government official reads their proposal, and gives them money, Poland will be saved.

Because Saviors are so important to Poland, they expect that everyone is their servant. They expect that anyone that they contact in Poland should stop their own work and read their business proposals, find interested investors or government officials, make personal introductions for them and send them lists of the names of people that they think will like their proposal.

And beyond that, they assume that the Polish government, the Polish taxpayer, private businesses and Polish people are going to subsidize their quest to save Poland, and, of course, to pocket a large sum of money in the process of saving Poland.

Referring them back to their own embassies and chambers of commerce representing companies from their home country generally results in an abusive response. They first tear their own countries services apart as being worthless or corrupt. And because they are all powerful saviors, they have unlimited energy and further rip into the person making the referral as lazy, ignorant or corrupt for having referred them back to services for which they might have to pay.

Their reaction to referral back to their own country's services is generally due to a turndown by one of those services. That the saviors were turned down is not suprising. The home country services genearlly require a modicum of legitimacy and steer clear of flakes.

People on the receiving end of their patronizing drivel find these vampires both embarrassing and insulting. Even though they put up with saviors every day who contact them on the internet, or who line up to meet with government officials, chamber directors and anyone else who might have some influence, there is an effect. It is irritating and frustrating to have to constantly deal with such amateurs.

Often the saviors' messages are posted on bulletin boards or passed by email annotated, of course, with appropriate comments. Even though they are insulting, they do provide a sense of comic relief and a clear demonstration that the Polish people are far ahead of these Saviors in their knowledge of manners and interpersonal communications.

At the end of the day the Saviors only make themselves, their chambers of commerce, their embassies and their countries look bad.

And of course, because no one in Poland has heeded their message, Poland moves forward as a dynamic growing country populated by a creative people who have learned to ignore the Saviors and rely on themselves and legitimate international partners.

So Saviors, aka Vampires, it might be best to do your homework before you reveal your true character to ridicule.

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