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Salt Lamps And Asthma Cure

Salt lamps and salt as they relate to asthma cure.

Exposure to an atmosphere affected by Polish salt has long been used as a cure for asthma. Treatment in underground salt mines is a very important and popular way for many people to treat their asthma. This underground treatment is reportedly so effective that a large medical tourism industry has developed for asthma cure in underground salt clinics. This treatment process is called speleotherapy.

The salt from the salt mines in Poland is used in Polish salt lamps. And many people in Poland, and around the world, for that matter, believe that these salt lamps have relieved them of asthma symptoms and some believe that they have totally cured their asthma.

The data about asthma cure by periodic visits and emersion in underground salt clinics and by the use of salt lamps is anecdotal. However, the number of people who attest to success in curing their asthma after treatment by Polish salt is such that many are willing to try such treatment. And the more that try such salt lamp treatment makes the number of people who say that they have been helped or cured grows.

From the information that can be gathered, the affect on astma seems to be related to the affect of the salt on the air exposed to it. It is claimed that the postive ions given off by the salt affect the quality of the air. It is said that this air, filled with positive ions, is the curative medium for asthma.

Assuming that the ions given off by salt lamps is the curative medium, then the number of ions given off by a salt lamp will be a determining factor in the qualitative effect of different salt lamps. So if you are considering the use of a salt lamp for creating ions to cure asthma, you should consider the ionization factor for the lamps.

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There are some general considerations when it comes to ionization. First, ionization is a function of several things. First is heat. The hotter the salt the more ions will be emitted. So you have to consider the amount of heat that the light in the lamp is giving to the salt crystal and how hot it gets that salt crystal. That means the size of the lamp as compared to the total number of watts of lighting is important.

The number of ions given off is also a function of the surface area of the salt. The more surface area, the more ions.

Knowing that surface area of a salt lamp is a determinative factor in the number of ions given off is one thing. Knowing what salt lamp has the most surface area is another.

Let us start with the smallest surface area and work up. We will use a salt lamp that is 5 kilograms and heated with a 45 watt bulb. That will fix certain other ionization variables.

The smallest area is in a sphere with a smooth polished surface. You can double the surface area, and even more than double it, by making the sphere with a rough, granular surface.

An unshaped crystal that is typical of most salt lamps has more surface area than a sphere. A smooth salt lamp like this has less surface area than salt lamp with a rough, granular surface. More specifically, the salt lamps that come from Pakistan that are shaped by water and are very smooth have much lower surface area than Polish salt lamps that are made in the centuries old tradition of hand chipping the salt crystals into the desired shapes.

The largest surface area comes with a salt lamp that is made up of small salt crystal chunks that are put into a basket and lighted. The combined surface area of these salt crystal is much higher than the area of them if they are in a single crystal. These salt lamps that are really salt crystal baskets are most effective ionizers.

You are encouraged to read the information about the Wieliczka Salt Mine.


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