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Salmon Rolls

A recipe for Salmon rolls made Polish style.

Polish cooks use Norwegian salmon in many different ways. This is particularly nice and different way to serve salmon. It should be made the day before you intend to serve it so that it has time to chill properly and set so you can cut it into nice serving sized pieces.

The dish is versatile. Depending on how big a roll you make, you can use it as a main course serving or as an appetizer.


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2 pounds of salmon slices
6 boiled eggs
1 pound ricotta cheese
Fresh Lemon


You can use salmon that comes packaged as slices, or you can use a filet and slice it to the thickness that you want. If the slices are too thin for you, just double them up. Spread the salmon slices on foil or baking paper. Overlap the pieces so that you make a "sheet" on which you can spread the filling. Usually the sheet is about 3/8 inch thick.

Finely chop the eggs, dill and chives. You will be making a filling by mixing these with the ricotta cheese. Adjust the amount of each that you add to the cheese to suit your tastes.

Salmon Roll Recipe

Mix the chopped items with the cheese. And spice it to taste with pepper. You might also add some salt, if you wish.

Delicately spread the mixture on the salmon.

Once it is evenly spread, roll the salmon. Then place the roll in the refrigerator to chill so that you can cut it easily just before you serve it.

When you are ready to serve, cut it into pieces about 1/2 inch thick.

Slice the fresh lemon, remove some of the pulp and put the lemon rind with some pulp over the top of each slice. The picture above shows you how it is done.

Serve with a cruet ov lemon juice for those who want more.   


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