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If you are traveling to Poland, a good selection of books related to Poland will help you enjoy your trip. They can be particularly helpful if you are here on business or working for a foreign firm with offices in Poland since they will help you to politely find your way into a different and exciting culture.

In order to make it easy for you, we have put up a collection of the most popular books that people coming to our web site enjoy. They have been broken down by category.

Books about the history and culture are very important. The collection that we have put up covers everything from history to old traditions as well as everything about the Polish wedding. If you are in Poland, all will be of some interest to you.

Information about Polish cooking is also a very popular item. We have listed a collection of Polish cookbooks that focus on the traditional cooking of times past. Unfortunately, modern Polish cooking is now totally different and cookbooks with recipes for the modern cook are, at the present time, only in Polish. In any case, most people, even in Poland, around the holidays, cook using the traditional recipes.

And the second goes to our section on Polish Recipes. This is a collection of private submissions that you can read and print on your own. You find that by going to Polish Recipes.

If you have a Polish recipe you would like us to publish, do send it along and we will add it. Send it by going here. Contact Us

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