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Frequently asked questions about Polish pottery

Can I buy directly from the Factory?

Yes. The factories are more than happy to take new customers. And they sell hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in Polish pottery. They have, however, minimums. As long as you can meet the minimums, you are welcome to order from most of them.

But we must add a caveat. Some factories have established distributors and will require you to order through them. But there are that do provide some service. Go to How To Buy Boleslawiec Polish Pottery Factory Direct.

   Will I be safe in buying factory direct? How do I know I will be protected against breakage and so on?

A week does not pass, in which we get some communication describing how someone LOST A LOT OF MONEY, not to mention time, when they tried to import products. We recommend strongly that before you go too far, learn about the import export business. You might look first at the ShopPoland Registered Wholesaler Program.

boleslawiec polish pottery

   Where can I find price lists to buy Polish pottery directly from the factory?

You can find information about buying Polish pottery in small lots as well as in large lots by going to the main information page for Polish pottery for Poland that is at Polish Pottery

   Where can I find information about a home business selling Polish products that will allow me to sell on eBay, from a web site or from my home or shop?

Information about a home business selling Polish products, including, Polish pottery is at Home Based Business Opportunities

   Where can I buy small amounts of Polish pottery at factory prices?

You can get information at How To Avoid Factory Minimums

   Where can I get copies of Polish pottery catalogs so that I can see what is available?

Get catalogs by going to Polish Pottery Catalogs


We hope that this questions about Polish pottery has been helpful.

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