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About Natural Baltic Amber From Poland

The country of Poland is home to the head of the amber road which is the old trading road that took natural Baltic amber from the Baltic coast down through Europe and into the Middle East.

Natural Baltic amber is unique among all the ambers in the world. It is a product of a resin of an ancient pine tree that grew only in the Baltic region.

Amber is a product of nature and a product of the pine trees from which it came. That which comes from the Baltic region is not only beautiful but it also possesses some unique natural curative abilities because of some of the constituents that nature added to the resin that came from the pine trees millions of years ago.

The petrified resin is now one of the world's beautiful gem stones and has spawned an industry, primarily based in northern Poland, the creates some of the most beautiful and interestingly designed jewelry.

Silver and amber jewelry comes in many forms and shapes. And you can also get jewelry made in the old tradition which is just amber stones fashioned in beautiful shapes and sizes.

When buying jewelry in Poland it is important that you understand the difference between natural Baltic amber and many of the counterfeit products that are imported to be sold to unsuspecting buyers. There is interesting information about what is good amber and what is not good that you can find at this link. About buying amber

If you interested in amber that you can buy wholesale, there are two ways to approach it. The first way is to go to this link and add your request. You will be contacted directly by the factory. Catalogs - Price Lists - Contact Factories And Factory Representatives Directly

In any case, you should not overlook the medicinal benefits of natural all Baltic amber. We have tried to put up some detailed information about the benefits of natural Baltic amber in a series of pages. You can get the information that we have put up my going to these particular links.

Amber Cures

Amber Chips And Their Use As A Natural Cure

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