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How to buy Polish products factory direct and information about the most popular products.

Poland has a very strong industrial base and manufactures a large variety of products. In addition to a very strong home grown industrial base, there are very many companies coming to Poland to set up manufacturing operations.

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It is because of the high quality of craftsmanship that these foreign companies are coming to Poland. That high quality also shows up in the vast number of creatively designed products that come out of the smaller, domestic factories.

If you are interested in other product lines and wish information about them you can get information from the Poland Chamber of Commerce by going to this link and requesting catalogs and information. Polish Product Information Center

Additionally at the bottom of this page is site map that lists information about many of the most popular Polish products. You are invited to scroll down to that list now.

We will start looking at the 10 most popular Polish exports as related to tourists that come to Poland. A recent news article was published about them. Read about them at Top Ten Polish Exports

There is also another section we wrote on Unique Polish Products. You can find that at Unique Polish Products

Many people find that they are perfect additions to their gift shops and retail stores. You can find out how to do that in the pages below or go directly to this link. How to be a distributor of Polish products

And others are interested in acting as business agents to distribute to retailers. You can find information about how to do that at Polish Product Information Center

At the bottom of this page is a site map for Polish products that are described in this page. You are invited to review that site map.


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