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About Poznan Poland and the Poznan Poland trade fair plus travel help.

The city of Poznan, one of the most important cities in Poland, began as a fortified settlement built on an island in the 10th century. In the year 10,000 the Diocese of Poznan was set up. Poznan Cathedral became the necropolis of the first rulers. Poznan was destroyed during the invasion of the Bohemians and the town was rebuilt in the year 10058.

poznan poland
Town Hall

Granted the right of storage by the Polish king in 1394, the town began to flourish. Prosperity in Poznan lasted until the Swedish wars of the mid 17th century

In the final decades before the partitions of Poland in the late 18th century, Poznan was a small, neat, and well fortified town.

Economic development of Poznan and its development into a modern metropolis were stymied when a Bohemian quartermaster decided that Poznan was the most suitable location for a stronghold. During the period 1828 through the mid 1860's, Poznan was encircled by a defense ring which stifled its development

In 1891 land use planning strategy for Poznan changed. Suburbs were incorporated into the town and the demolition of the fortification began in 1902. Demolition of fortifications was not complete, however, and many of the forts and the Citadel were left intact. poznan

Many new buildings and parks were completed in Poznan. The monumental Poznan public buildings with parks squares and avenues between them, even today, are impressive. Although many visitors feel somewhat overwhelmed by their heavy and massive proportions, they find them quite attractive.

The fighting that occurred in Poznan in 1945 result resulted in the destruction of about 50% of the buildings. In spite of the destruction, Poznan retains its position as a major industrial and commercial center.

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The Poznan Trade Fair, the first fare which was held in 1921, resumed operations in 1947. The Poznan trade fair has held the event every year since that time.

Today Poznan is a major commercial center for Poland. It is famous for its annual trade fair and Poznan is the location of choice for many other trade fairs in Poland. You can see information about the Poznan Trade Fair here. Poznan Poland Trade Fair

When you go to Poznan you are sure to go to the old market. The Poznan Old Market is in third largest urban market square in Poland. Initially the market in Poznan was surrounded with wooden houses. During the third Century these warehouses started to give away to brick buildings. Today the Poznan Old Town is a favorite meeting place.

poznan old market
Poznan Old Market
A particularly impressive thing to see in the Poznan Old Town is the great hall, a location where Poznan's most important municipal celebrations are held.

On the West the Poznan market square is flanked by a palace that was built in 1770. It was restored after being destroyed during the Second World War.

It is most easy to reach Poznan from Warsaw, Poland by train. There is an intercity train that runs directly from Warsaw to Poznan. This Warsaw-Poznan train is very convenient and used by many business people who come to Poland to attend the Poznan trade fairs. Poznan is also easily reached from Germany by taking the train that runs directly from Berlin to Poznan. For information about trains in Poland, go to Poland Train Transportation

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