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Poznan Trade Fair

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Important information about the Poznan Trade fair with free business and travel help

The Poznan, Poland Trade Fair grounds is one of the most active Trade Fair grounds in Poland.

Each year more than 60 trading events organized within the scope of Poznan trade fairs are attended by more than 12 thousand exhibitors, including approximately 3 thousand foreign firms from 60 countries. The annual attendance at these trade fairs is near 400,000.

map of poznan international trade fair
Poznan Trade Fair

If you are unfamiliar with the city of Poznan, Poland there is background information about the city of Poznan at the web pages that are linked directly below this. The web pages referenced give some historical information about the city of Poznan, and give the information about traveling to the city of Poznan.

Trade Fair Schedules

Because the number and types of trade fairs in Poland is constantly changing, we prefer to provide personal service and give you information based on your specific needs.

Please tell us what market segment or segments interest you and we return to you information about the Poznan expostions, but we will search the various regions of the country for trade fairs that suit your interest.

Soplease tell us what you need here. Contact




Location Of The Trade Fair

The Fair Centre is located in the centre of the city opposite the western exit from the main railway station - Poznan Glówny.

To Watch In Full Screen, Click Here

This video shows you graphically how close it is to the train station Poznan Glowny.


You can easily reach the Fair Centre from Poznan Lawica Airport by bus or taxi, going straight down Bukowska Street to the city centre .


Your Trip To The Poznan Fair

Whether you are traveling as an exhibitor, alone or with a staff, or as an individual interested in looking at the exhibits, we can help you with your travel planning. Information is free. - This link takes you to information about hotels in Poznan Poland plus it gives you information about how you can travel to Poznan Poland from various points in Europe.

Poznan, Poland - Information About - Poznan Poland has a long history. This page is a backgrounder on the history of Poznan Poland and gives you a little information about the city.

Poznan Information Guide - This is the main directory page for the city of Poznan.


You will need information about how to get to the Poznan Trade Fair grounds from many different locations in Europe. You can find that information at this link called Map Of Poznan And Trade Fair.





We do hope that this Poznan Trade Fair Page has helped.

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