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About Poznan Poland, how to get to Poznan Poland, and about the Poznan trade fair.

Poznan is a big city and there is a lot of information here that you may want. To make it convenient for you, you will find a general information about Poznan on this first page with links to more specific sections. The pages are sized so that you can print them and put them in a folder or loose leaf binder.

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Poznan City Information and Travel Assistance.

Poznan is a city that revolves around its trade activities. The Poznan International Fair, situated in the city center, is the biggest Centrex of international trade in Poland,where trade fairs, exhibitions and shows take place. The MTP calendar includes over 25 specialized events each year and attracts thousands of manufacturers, trading companies, scientific and research institutions from all the continents of the world.

Poznan Poland is a commercial and communications hub for Poland. Poznan lies in the western part of Poland and though it is a Polish city, it reflects a great deal of the tradition passed on due to its past German history.

Poznan Poland is probably most famous for its annual Poznan International Trade Fair which was first held in 1921. The Poznan International Trade Fair has been held continuously every year since 1921 except for a short break during the hostilities of World War Two.

Poznan Old Market
Poznan Old Market

Because of the Poznan International Trade Fair and many other trade fairs that are held at the Poznan Trade Fair grounds, the city is very service oriented and accustomed to foreign visitors. You'll find a large number of both the German and English speaking people in the city that can help you. You can navigate the city of Poznan Poland very easily without having any knowledge of the Polish language.

Access to Poznan Poland by rail is very easy. There are intercity trains running between Berlin, Germany and Warsaw, Poland that provides you fast, comfortable, transportation from the capitals of each country to Poznan. During trade fairs, it is often difficult to get a room at a hotel in the city. Many experienced business people find that when attending the trade fairs in Poznan, and it is convenient for them to stay in Warsaw and commute to Poznan by taking an early morning intercity train. You can find information about trains in Poland by going to this link. Poland Train Transportation

Many choose to travel by train from Warsaw to the fairs. Train connections are efficient and comfortable.

In any case, information about Poznan Hotels is here.

And if you are considering staying in Warsaw, here is information about Warsaw Hotels.

And then here is information about Traveling to Poznan from Warsaw.

There is a concentration of hotels in Poznan Poland around the Poznan Trade Fair grounds so if you stay in a hotel in Poznan Poland you can fairly well be sure to be close to the Fair grounds.

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There are very many restaurants in Poznan Poland that fit all budgets and all food tastes. Because of the high popularity of the Old market square in Poznan, there is naturally a large selection of restaurants in and around the Old market square in Poznan Poland. If you were new to the city this is a good place for you to begin your search. The Old market square is a very pleasant place to be in Poland. Here's a picture of the Old market square in Poznan Poland.

Business people going to Poznan Poland most often ask about the social scene.






For a series of maps of Poznan Poland, go to this link. Map Of Poznan And Trade Fair

For information about the Poznan Poland Trade Fair, go to this link. Poznan Trade Fair

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