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Poland has a reputation for having some of the highest quality products in the world. And not only are they high quality, many of them are legendary. Some of the hand made Polish art crystal is unmatched. The Christmas ornaments are the choice of collectors all over the world. And the Natural Baltic Amber is unique among all the different ambers that are mined in countries on each of the continents.

If you have a particular product in mind, you can contact factories directly by using the Poland Chamber service that you find under this link called Price Lists And Products

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Boleslawiec Polish Pottery Wiza


Amber Styles

About the types and styles of amber that you will find in Poland.


About Succinic or Amber Acid

Pure Natural Baltic Amber has been claimed to have special curative powers. Now modern science has lent credence to what people in Europe have known about amber for centuries.

Amber Chips And Their Use As A Natural Cure

Natural Baltic Amber is used in Eastern Europe as a natural cure. And amber chips have played a big role in keeping Europeans healthy.

Amber Aromatherapy

Europeans have used amber for centuries for many purposes. Aromatherapy is just one of them and that is described here.

Amber Oil

Amber Oil is reported as being an historically successful anti-aging medication. The oil must be based on Natural Baltic Amber.

Amber Powder

The natural byproduct of amber art, amber powder has many uses in natural medicinal practices.

Amber Cures

The list of ailments that amber is reported to cure is long. Here is a synopsis of what it does.

What Is Amber

Learn how to distinguish Polish amber from other products.

How to be a distributor of Polish products

Many people come to this site looking for information about Polish products so that they can become distributors. Here is some information that we put together about distributing Polish products and how to become a distributor.

Freelance job opportunities offered by polish companies

Most people who want to have a home business will do best if they operate as a freelancer. That is really best for them. Here are some freelance opportunities that you can look at.

Hand made Polish Christmas ornaments

The Christmas Ornaments made in Poland are famous the world over for their quality. Even when the patterns are copied by companies in the Far East, they just do not match the Polish quality.

About Polish Hand Made Crystal

Royalty in Europe has favored Polish Crystal for centuries. It is some of the finest made in the world. Here is some basic information about what you can get from Poland.

Handmade Polish Linen

The cottages in the Polish countryside, as small as they may be, are decorated with Polish linen and lace. And the Polish folk dress is a wonder to see. Here is some information about Polish linen that you don't find elsewhere.

Krosno Glass

Many people do not realize that Krosno is actually a city. But because the glass that is made in factories around the city is so famous, people generally call it Krosno glass.

Find Hand Formed Glass, Art Glass And Machine Made Glass

Poland is a country of Old World artists that have created some of the finest glass factories in the World. When you come here you get good background information about the various types of glass that you can find in Poland.

Boleslawiec Polish Pottery

Poland has a special deposit of clay that makes a unique ceramic that has become world renowned as Boleslawiec Polish Pottery. This pottery is exported primarily to the United States and is one of Poland's top consumer product exports.

Salt Lamps From Poland

There is a difference in salt lamps. Salt is salt, but what the salt carries with it when it is made into a lamp and how it is handled makes a difference.

Salt Lamps For Asthma Cure

Polish salt lamps have a long standing reputation for being helpful in curing or controlling asthma. Get some information about using them for asthma cure here.


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