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Hand Made Polish Christmas Gifts

There are many reasons that hand made Polish Christmas gifts are so popular. Perhaps the two most striking reasons Polish gifts are that Poland is famous for its high quality handcraft and the creativity and attention to detail by Polish artists are legendary.

The popularity of the gifts is not limited to the Christmas season. Gift shops all over the world offer everything from handmade amber and silver jewelry to award winning crystal.

The emigration of Polish people to Western Europe has generated a boom in mail order and internet sales. People in the West are sending things home and those at home are sending things West.

The variety of gifts runs from foods that are unique to Poland to more conventional home d�cor and personal items.

There are shops in Poland that cater to the year round international trade in Polish gifts. Though Christmas is a big time of the year for them, they also help people remember Name Days, Birthdays and all other important occasions.

The Polish Name Day is particularly important to remember. It is the most important day in a Polish person's life. A gift or phone call is always appropriate. You can read about Name Days here and you can find a complete nameday calendar here. Name Day Calendar

These shops are very careful to limit themselves to Polish products and to avoid selling the cheap imports that have found their ways into many of the tourist areas. They understand the importance of stocking those things that are important to a Pole and that is not a low quality piece from a third world country. They want quality.

Around Christmas time Christmas ornaments become very popular as gift items. There is nothing comparable to a hand made ornament from one of the factories around Czestochowa, the manufacturing center of the world for the best of the best. They remind people of home and are always well received.

And of course, foods from home are always welcomed by expatriate Poles. Food boxes and baskets are always appropriate.

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