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Polish Weather In September

About weather in Poland in September with text and video descriptions.

The Polish Summer is short. By the time that September rolls around any warm weather is generally history.

To keep things in perspective, read the page on Summer weather in Poland to understand what is considered warm weather.

When you think Polish weather in September you start to think about where the sun is in the sky. The days are starting to get short. By the end of the month one can expect that the central heating systems will be turned on. To do that, temperatures are supposed to remain below 50 degrees Fahrenheit for three consecutive days..

Generally in the center of the country expect daytime temperatures in the 50's and 60's Fahrenheit. In the evenings temperatures will drop into the 30's and 40's.

In the mountains to the South snow starts to show. At times it gets heavy and travel is impaired.

Along the Baltic, the arctic winds start to dominate and daytime temperatures will be in the 40's. Beach weather is definitely a thing of the past. But it is a good time to walk the shores each morning to look for amber. There is less competition and the winds will have stirred the waters bringing amber to the shore.

The transition from Summer to September and the fall is most often not smooth. Sometimes there will be some periods that make it feel like a warm spring. But then, overnight, it gets cold. The change can be dramatic and shocking if you have not experienced such a change.

So you should prepare for the colder weather and be happy if it stays warm.

Polish weather in september

If there are hurricanes in the Caribbean, they will work their ways across the Atlantic and it can be very wet. Since it takes a few days for them to develop and come across the Atlantic, you should be able to take a good guess about the possibility of heavy rains.

Polish winter is normally gray with little sunshine. In September the transition from a sunny Summer to a gray winter has started.

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