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Polish Weather December

About Polish weather in December and driving in Poland in the snow.

During December, the temperatures in Poland are generally below zero degrees Celsius. And snow is very likely.

Driving in the snow or any inclement weather for that matter, in Poland can be very dangerous.

The reasons relate to Polish driving habits and to road clearing procedures.

Polish drivers tend not to adjust their driving habits to weather conditions. So even at the height of a snow storm when the roads are not clear, they will tailgate, drive at high speeds and pass on the right, weave from lane to lane and generally act as if it was a normal driving day.

Chemicals that are spread on Polish roads are generally not effective at melting ice below 12 degrees centigrade. So even though plows may be on the road spreading the chemicals, snow will continue to accumulate.

Driving in snow in Warsaw
Driving In Warsaw In Snow

Plows can be expected to be out early in a snowstorm. But many times due to heavy traffic they will get tied up behind cars and be slow to get the roads clear.

Main roads are, of course, cleared first. It can be a couple days before side roads are cleared.

Here is a video that should give you a bit of a feel for what it is like to be driving during a snowstorm in Poland.





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