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Polish Road Kill Statistics

Poland has, shown by the Polish road kill statistics, one of the worst driving records in Europe. In 2008, only Lithuania had a worse record.

The factors involved are common to Central Europe. They include excessive speed, dangerous maneuvers, aggressive driving habits and alcohol.

Road conditions are a contributing factor. However the drivers routinely do not adjust their speeds and driving habits for road conditions.

Three cars wide passing on Polish road
Three Cars
Side By Side
In No Passing Zone

According to The Global Road Safety Partnership:

“Vehicle occupants make-up the largest group of road crash casualties in Poland. An alarming number of pedestrians are also involved in road crashes. Pedestrians account for 35% of the total number of road deaths. Although two-wheelers are not a very common mode of transport, cyclists and moped riders combined account for 13% of fatalities.”

Aggressive driving that is characterized by speeding and failure to give way account for about 55% of the deaths. It is important to note that this failure to give way is the cause of many people being killed in crosswalks that are within city limits.

Of note is that about 30 percent of the cars involved in accidents are company cars. The figure is starling because less than 6 percent of the cars on the road are company cars.

Note in the picture above a classic example of why accidents happen. In a no passing zone (see the solid white line) two cars, side by side, were passing a third. Note the car from which the picture was taken had just come over a hill. When the driver saw two cars coming at her, one in her lane and one in the right breakdown lane, she swerved into the right breakdown lane. The gray car, that was in the right breakdown lane swerved right.

Pedestrians must be cautious at all times. Not only are they at high risk even when in a crosswalk and have a green crossing sign, but also when they are anywhere near a road. Multiple kills of people in bus stop kiosks are not uncommon. To fully understand the danger, pedestrians, as well as drivers, should read Polish Driving Habits



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