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Polish National Holidays

Polish national holidays and vacation days in Poland.

National Holiday laws in Poland limit trading to small shops.
Small Shops
Are Open On
National Holidays

Poland has designated twelve National Holidays. On these days the Polish Government offices and most businesses are closed.

The national holidays include religious days celebrated by members of the Polish Roman Catholic Church and days celebrating historic events and purposes in Poland.

Poland is predominantly Roman Catholic and has not set aside any National Holidays that celebrate the major events for other religions.

Travelers to Poland are advised that in order to give people time to spend celebrating these holidays and to spend time with their families, trade in Poland is limited on these twelve listed holidays. Gas and service stations are affected by the law. Some are exempt, but you must expect that there will be no more than half the gas stations in the country available for service.



Dates Of National Holidays Plus Holidays In Video


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checkNew Year (January 1)- In Poland this National Holiday is known as Sylwester. There are generally fireworks displays in cities around Poland.

The video to the left shows fireworks in Warsaw on New Years Eve.











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checkEpiphany - Three Kings (January 6) - A religious as well as National Holiday. The Polish name for this holiday is The Three King. There is a large annual King's Caravan Parade in Warsaw.












checkEaster (March/April) - A religious as well as National Holiday. There are traditionally huge family gatherings.

checkLabor Day (May 1) - A National Holiday that celebrates the worker. It was a big event during communist times. Now it is more of a day off and travel day.

checkConstitution Day (May 3) - On this day, Poland celebrates the Constitution of 3 May, 1791 that was Europe's first codified constitution. See,_1791

checkCorpus Christi (May/June) - A religious holiday.

checkFeast of the Assumption ( August 15) - A religious holiday.



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checkAll Saint's Day (November 1) - On this National and religious Holiday, Polish people travel long distances to visit family graves.
















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checkNational Independence Day (November 11)- Poland signed its historic constitution in 1791 but its independence was to be short-lived as invading forces partitioned the country between Russia, Prussia and Austria the following year. It was not until 11 November 1918 that Poland was to regain its independence. To this day, 11 November is an important civic holiday that is recognised throughout the country and is marked with patriotic parades and festivities in many of the larger towns and cities.












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checkChristmas (December 25) - This is a day of religious celebration and family gatherings where the eating consumes the day. You can get some tractional Polish menus for foods that people put out on this National and Religious Holiday by going to Polish Recipes











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