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Polish Mushroom Salad

A recipe for Polish mushroom salad made with Pierczarki.

Fresh Mushroom Salad. Clean the mushrooms, trim the bottom of the stems and wash under running water. Do not soak the mushrooms. Put the mushrooms in a sieve and wash under running water. Do not soak them. Allow them the drain. Cut the mushrooms in thin slices and put in a bowl. Add about one half of the lemon juice and allow it to soak for one hour. For the sake of appearance, be sure to cut the mushrooms with the stem facing up so that you have a large portion of mushroom shape lectures. Combine the of olive oil remaining lemon juice salt and pepper and mixed them well. Allow them to sit for at least a half hour to marry the flavors. Put the mushrooms that have been stroking in the lemon juice in a sieve and allow them to drain again. Then place them in a bowl and add the vinaigrette dressing as you have prepared. Allow to sit for 15 minutes. Before serving add fresh parsley chopped. Always remember that people eat with their eyes. You can put these mushrooms atop a bed of letters for better effect. If you do not put them on lettuce., add some green to the bowl to dress it up and make it look nicer. Even a little bit of red pepper slices here and there will make a big difference. You can also change the taste of this by adding a ginger to the vinaigrette dressing. Substitute other mushrooms as you see fit.

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