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Shopping in Warsaw

This Shopping in Warsaw page is intended to answer the question "Where can I find good shopping in Warsaw?" this page is the first of a series of pages about shopping in Warsaw and will cover specific shops in Warsaw where you get good service and good products at fair prices.

QuickLink - We have a complete section of videos that take you on a tour of shopping in Warsaw. Go to Places To Shop In Warsaw

There are so many shops in the Warsaw Centrum that carry the same products that it is not difficult when you're shopping in Warsaw to find any particular product. Your shopping trip in Warsaw, therefore, breaks down to finding the best price, service and quality of product.

There are many shopping opportunities in Warsaw, Poland. There are very many shopping centers and shopping districts in Warsaw. But in this page we will approach shopping by assuming that you are a tourist coming to Poland for the first time and have a limited amount of time to shop. And we will assume that you are interested in getting the best prices for unique products.

One of the best places to get started is on ul. Chmielna. It is a quiet street traffic limited by city regulation. During the summer there are many outdoor cafes where you can enjoy a pleasant cup coffee and meal. And the street is lined with many small shops where can get some of the best prices in the center of Warsaw. It is well worth your time to stroll down Chmielna. The link is to a video that will tell you a lot more.

When you get to the end of Chmielna you will be at a street called Nowy Swiat. This is perhaps the main tourist shopping district for Warsaw.

Shopping on Nowy Swiat in Warsaw Poland leads you to some of the best quality products offered in Europe.
In Warsaw
On Nowy Swiat

Be sure to turn right and walk Nowy Swiat to the first street that you come to - Al. Jerozolimskie. Cross Nowy Swiat and come back down it on the other side and head toward the Old Town. This way you will not miss any of the shops. The street has traffic limited by Warsaw regulations so you can cross it at will to check shops on both sides of the street.

You will find that generally the prices on Nowy Swiat are higher than the prices on Chmielna.

The first cross street that you will come to as you work down Nowy Swiat is Swietokrzyska. Cross, turn left and keep going until you come to the street. At that point turn right and head for the Old Town. The Old Town is the main tourist destination for people coming to Warsaw. You can get information about the Old Town at this link. Please be advised that there are very many shops in the Warsaw Poland Old Town and that the prices that you see in the Old Town reflect the fact that it is the main tourist destination for Warsaw.

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