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About transportation in Poland. Road, air, trains, cabs and more.

intercity train
Intercity Train

This page gives you links to hints, tips and good information related to transportation and traveling around Poland.

When you come to Poland you will find that in some ways traveling is very efficient. And in other ways it is frustrating. And if you are going to be traveling on the Polish roads, good luck. Rather than talk about the roads in this introductory paragraph, you are invited to read the details in the pages below.

The best way to travel around Poland, in our opinion anyway, is to use the trains. They are generally fast, efficient and safe. Of course, you might end up taking a cab at the end of your train trip. And that experience is the same that you will encounter anywhere in Europe. It might be downright unpleasant. And then it might be OK. You can read about cabs in the pages below.

Also, you may be interested in looking at our online tickets page. It has a complete listing of online ticketing options.

Polish Trains

Experienced travelers in Poland recognize that using the Polish train systems is the best way to travel to most of the cities. Train travel in Poland is fast, efficient and convenient, especially for the business traveler.

About InterCity Travel In Poland

This page discusses, in general, considerations you should make when traveling between cities in Poland.

Train Timetables

An easy way to find the train routes and schedules for Polish trains.

Train Schedules Between Gdansk And Warsaw

Get Schedules, Tickets and make reservations.

Trains Schedules Between Krakow And Warsaw

Get schedules, tickets and make reservations.

Ticket Buying Services

In this page you get personal help in buying train tickets.

Train Schedules Between Warsaw And Berlin

A page that gives the schedules and more information about each of the trains running between Warsaw and Berlin.

How To Buy InterCity Train Tickets

This page explains the use of the Polish Railroad's ticketing system. Using it you can make reservations.

Taxi Cabs In Poland

A discussion of how to use taxi cabs anywhere in the country.

Taxi Cabs In Warsaw Poland

Specific information about Taxi cabs in Warsaw

How To Get From The Warsaw Airport To The City Center

What to do and how to travel safely from Warsaw's Airport to the City And destinations beyond.

About Traveling By Train From Warsaw To Krakow

Traveling from Warsaw to Krakow by train is very easy. The trains from Warsaw to Krakow are fast and frequent. As long as you are able to get to the Central Station in Warsaw, you can easily make it to the train and get to Krakow.

Check Train Schedules, Make Reservations, Check Schedules

You can check the on line reservation systems and get personal help in making your arrangements for train travel. It should contain all the information that you need. But if not, you can contact us for personal help.



Warsaw Poland Tram, Bus And Commuter Train Tickets Interchangeable

The tickets that you buy to use the various forms of transportation are generally interchangeable in Warsaw. It makes it very convenient for you when you want to travel around Warsaw.

Warsaw Public Transportation

Good, basic information about the Warsaw public transportation system.

Buying Tickets And Using Them On Trams, The Metro And Buses

The trams, busses and metro in Poland are extremely efficient and very inexpensive. But using them can be frustrating and confusing. Get some specific information to get you started right.

About Taxi Cabs in Warsaw Poland

Anywhere you go the taxi cab drivers can be your best friends or your worst drivers. You get starter information here with some tips and hints on how to stay out of trouble.

Warsaw Taxi Cab

Once again we have tried to cover a topic from a different angle to get more information in front of you. The taxi cab problem can be huge so we took the extra time to help you with more.

About Buses in Warsaw, Poland

The public transportation system in Poland is nothing short of fantastic. If you learn about the buses, you can go almost anywhere for very little. Learn about the buses if you are going to spend any time here.

Trams in Warsaw

These are generally some of the most reliable transportation in Warsaw. But at the same time, they tend to often be populated by some unsavory characters whom you would be best to avoid.

Arriving In Warsaw Poland by Train

Most people that come into Poland from Germany come into the Warsaw Central Train station. This page gives you some details on what it is like to come into that station and what to do when you get there.

Warsaw Central Train Station

About the Warsaw Central Train station. It is a place that you are sure to see and a place that you might now want to be.

Polish Road Kill Statistics

Poland has one of the worst road death rates in Europe. This page gives the details.

Polish Driving Habits

This applies to you even if you are just going to walk the streets in Poland.

Polish Roads

The Polish Roads are not bad. The drivers are terrible. You should fully understand what you are getting into before you take a chance on driving in Poland.

Buying Train Tickets And Using The Trains

This will give you a lot of necessary help in buying your train tickets. And it gives you information about using the trains in Poland.

Poland Train Transportation

The public transportation system in Poland is extremely good and we recommend that you learn it well. This is a good discussion of the Polish train system.

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