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The Master Page has been a news and views hub for Poland since it was formed in 1995. And it continues with its tradition of publishing news and views of topics related to Poland.

This first two links are to our most popular news services. The first collects information from a large number of sources and publishes a brief that is often enough for the busy executive. It also adds a link to the complete article so that if you wish to read the full article, you can. And so that you do not lose the original page, full articles open in a new window.

The second service shown here goes to a service that publishes news and views about Poland. It gets into news in depth and analyzes what is really being said and what is behind the news. It is a world renowned service and its articles are republished by major news services some of which charge for subscriptions to read information that you can get free at this site.

Poland in clear weather.

The Weather On The Baltic Sea

Information about what the weather is like on the Baltic Sea during the summer months.

Summer Weather In Poland

Here is a page describing the weather in Poland during the summer. It contains both text and video.

Free News Service

Get news from Poland free in your email box every business day. Broad coverage of the social, business and cultural aspects of Polish daily life.

The Polish News Roundup

This is a news service that is updated continuously and keeps you abreast of what is going on in Poland and what may affect you as you travel. It is something that you should read every day so that when you get to Poland you have some idea of what is going on around you.

News And Opinion Journal

A citizen journalists and cooperative effort to present you with a view of Poland from an expatriates point of view.

European News Review

Here you will find a daily summary of European and World News briefs. Because the articles are chosen from a wide variety of web based news sources, there is a unique collection that you generally will not find anywhere else.

The best weather services are those published directly in Poland. The national service is updated almost hourly and offers you a couple different weather forecasts. Each is based on different computer weather models. So you can use them to get a better feel for what is really happening.


European News Review Archive

The historical review of articles that we have published.

European Blogs

This is a list of European Blogs. You are invited to mark this to your favorites for quick reference.

Poland Weather

Find the current weather conditions in each of the cities. And get overall weather conditions for the entire year also.

About Weather In Poland

For current weather conditions in Poland for various cities, go to the Poland Weather Conditions By City link. You can get the current conditions for major cities in Poland by putting your mouse over the name of the city that is below the maps.

Poland Weather

This Poland weather page gives you information about current weather in Poland, Polish weather forecasts and general information about seasonal weather in Poland.

Poland News Services And How To Get Polish News In English.

A discussion of the various services that you can use and how to get them.


Poland Weather In February

Winter weather in Poland is very unpredictable and depends heavily on the direction of the prevailing winds.

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