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Booking a hotel is just one step in the travel arrangement process. You might be interested in tours, guides, show tickets, train tickets, social events and other information only you know about. And you might want to consider an alternative to a Poland hotel. You might wish to find an apartment that you can rent or a place that you can camp out.

This page is updated continually with information about specific hotels and answers to questions that we get from visitors. You are invited to review all the information as some of it is rather different than you normally find on the web.

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Below is a listing of hotels that is maintained by a company located in Poland. The also operate a Polish travel agency. The information that they provide is based on local knowledge and local relationships. That is to your benefit.

If you can provide us information based on your experiences in traveling in Poland, be it in text or video, please do. We will try to make it available to help others.

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Directory Of Hotel Information

Poland Hotel Discounts

Get discounts here and get background information on the effect of discounts on your services.

How To Find A Hotel In Krakow, Poland.

There are more than 210 hotels and places to stay in Krakow . You can see 210 listings at this link that lists accommodations all over Poland but also that has a special section for Krakow .

Choosing A Hotel In Warsaw And Star Ratings

The star rating of a hotel is not necessarily the indicator that you should use to choose a hotel in Poland. Here are some tips and hints from people in the tourism business in Poland.

Hotels in Poland provide excellent service.


International And Polish Hotels

This is our main page that helps you get information about international and Polish hotels.

Hotels in Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is the primary entry point to Poland for a large majority of the people that come to Poland. Here is a breakdown of information about hotels in Warsaw.

Sheraton Warsaw Hotel

This Sheraton Warsaw Hotel has a lot to offer. We have provided some of our own information about it here.

Hotel Marriott Warsaw, About, How To Get There And Reservations

The Marriott is a center for political activity and conferences as well as one of the finest places to stay. Here is some information about the Warsaw Marriott Hotel.

Hotel Forum

The Hotel Forum building is there. But it is now operated by Novotel.

Poland Hotel Discount Rates

If you use the right online booking system you can do such things as find castes and palaces to rent, places to stay on the seashore, lakes, and mountains. You can also find spas. The Poland Hotel booking system that you find under this link is the largest in Poland and you can find hotel discounts up to 50% from the normal rates.

About Poland Hotels

Prior to the transition from a centralized command economy, there was a large network of state owned and state run hotels. Some were good and others were adequate. But once the economy changed to a market economy a building and conversion boom started. New hotels continue to be built today. The old communist era operations have been upgraded and many compete with the best in the world.

The cities of Warsaw and Krakow are two of the most popular tourist stops in Poland. And in each of these cities you get a fine selection of new and renovated tourist accommodations. For instance, in the center of Krakow, near the most popular part of the city, the Old Town, hotels that served visitors to Poland for years have been totally refurbished. The exteriors are still the historic exteriors that lend charm to this famous city in Poland, but the interiors are the best that can be.

In Warsaw, the building spree that started as soon as the economic transition began has not yet ended. The city is doted with new facilities owned by the world's major hotel chains. And all the old buildings have been renovated to one extent or another. Some of the oldest and worst have gone from a state of disaster to top notch.

Beyond the physical renovation of the buildings, the service level has gone from almost non existent to excellent.

One of the American hotels in Poland was the early leader in Poland training its service staff. Other operators hired their trainees and used them to set up their own staff training programs. Today, with many major chains having locations in Poland, much training is done on foreign locations as well as on location training being done by training staffs sent to Poland on temporary assignment.

As the economy has expanded and businesses moved to some of the smaller cities, meaning not Krakow and not Warsaw, chains and private operators have looked to the requirements of other regions of Poland. So as it stands, every city where there is any tourist or business traffic is served by at least one excellent hotel.

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