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This page contains poland flight information, discounts and cheap airline tickets.

The two most popular entry points by air are located in Warsaw ( Warsaw Travel Guide ) and Krakow ( Krakow Travel Guide) .

Both are major tourist areas as well as communication hubs. If you are using them as entry points to the country and intend to travel on to other destinations, you might be interested in the Warsaw Transfer Services or Krakow Transfer Services.



The Airports

The main Warsaw airport is very active and provides fine service. It is served by many major international carriers and several regional, discount airlines. If your flight to Poland will take you to the Warsaw airport, you can get information about the Warsaw airport at Warsaw Airport.

At that page you can get a lot more including information about getting from the airport to other destinations.


If your flight to Poland will take you to the Krakow airport, you can get information about the Krakow airport at Krakow Airport, Poland.

But your flight to Poland you'll find that the airline crews are most pleasant and speak several languages. You will be presented in the information packages that your see information about the airports that will make it easy for you to find your way around when you get on the ground and depart your flight to Poland. But to make it easy for you we have giving you information about each airport in the links that we have provided you above.

After you depart your flight, you will find that it is very easy and convenient to get from the airport either in Warsaw or Krakow to the city center. Once again we have provided information about getting from the airports to the city center in the pages for the Warsaw airport and Krakow airport.

The airports in Krakow and Warsaw are modern airports that are well served by pleasant people. Your transition from your aircraft to ground transportation should be very easy as long as you follow the advice that we have presented in each of the airport pages as to how one should make ground connections to hotel or to the next mode of transportation that you are going to use. After you land, just be sure to use professional services and avoid the private services offered by individuals who will be likely to approach you after you depart the Customs hall.

We do hope that this Poland Flight Information page has been helpful.


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