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Polish currency Money use and safety in Poland

The Polish currency is the Polish Zloty. The Polish zloty is freely exchangeable and you can convert money from your home country to Polish zloty at many of the thousands of money exchange services that are located throughout Poland.

The exchange rates for the Polish zloty change daily and you can find the exchange rates posted on exchange-rate notification boards that you find at the money exchange services in Poland.

The exchange rate for the Polish zloty will vary according to which money exchange service that you use. You will find that it is least beneficial for you to use the exchange services at the hotels. In many cases the best exchange rates that you will get will be from the private money exchange services. You can identify a money exchange service in Poland by looking for a sign that says Kantor.

Some businesses require that you make purchases in Polish zloty. But because Poland is a member of the European Union and many people from the European Union visit Poland, businesses who have contact with tourists will generally accept Euro in payment. Once again, you can change money at the money exchange services from your home country's currency to Euro. And when you are about to leave Poland to go to other destinations in Europe you can change any leftover Polish zloty into Euro.

As a traveler in Europe you will find that you are a target for pickpockets and other thieves. Theft from unsuspecting tourists is rampant throughout Europe and you are wise to take precautionary measures to protect your money regardless of which country in Europe or Eastern Europe you travel. Poland is no safer nor visit less safe than any other country in Europe. You simply must take the precautionary measures that in the tourist in Europe should take.

Experienced travelers in Poland do not carry a lot of cash. They use ATM bank cards to draw cash only as necessary. They make as many purchases as they can by using credit cards.

When you come to Poland it is not necessary to get traveler's checks. The best thing that you can do is bring sufficient credit or debit cards so that you can draw money from ATM machines or make purchases as necessary. You should be sure to check your daily limits and balance between protecting yourself if your cards are stolen and having the ability to make purchases each day without exceeding your daily limits.

The Polish zloty is a very strong currency. It is so strong that Asian banks have made a decision to start investing some of their in surplus funds in the Polish zloty.

The conversion rate for the Polish zloty to all other international currencies is posted daily by the National Bank of Poland. You can see the daily posting of the value of the Polish zloty as determined by the National Bank of Poland by going to this link.

In summary, when you travel to Poland, or anywhere else in Europe, do not carry a lot of cash but rather rely on credit cards and drawing cash from ATM machines.

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