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Poland is a country of regions with each of these regions having its own definite character and definite history.

Of course, the people of Poland have their common shared history but in each of the regions there are distinctions that have shaped the culture in the region.

Notably, after the Second World War, the Eastern borders were shifted West and the Western borders were shifted West. See Maps Of Poland

The result is at that parts of Western Poland are really part of what was once Germany up to the of the Second World War. The Germans that lived there were relocated West.

And the countries of Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine now contain land that was once part of Poland. And in those countries there is an ethic ethnic Polish population.

Olstzyn Poland
Olstzyn Poland

These border shifts continue to have political ramifications today. There are those who feel that the Germans that were relocated West should be given some compensation by the Polish Government. And in the East, particularly in Belarus, the Polish population is under pressure.

When you travel here you will find distinct regions within the country itself. The western part of the country, by nature of the border shift, has a distinct German influence. Famous cities such as Boleslawiec where Polish pottery is made, is a former German city and Boleslawiec pottery is actually of German origin. The traditional patterns are German patterns.

The city of Gdansk and the region around it is also heavily influenced by the history of Germany. The city of Gdansk is really the former city of Danzig.

The cultures of the city of Gdansk in the north and the culture of Krakow in the south are distinct and different.

Warsaw, Poland is an island unto itself and totally different from all the other parts of country. Many people have a definite dislike for the elites that they think populate Warsaw.

Aside from the cultures of the main cities, the cultures in each of the regions are also a distinct. There are the people who live in the mountains and who speak their own form of the Polish language that is difficult even for most of Polish people to understand.

And the people in their rural regions in generally differ politically, socially and economically from the people in the cities. There is an underlying tension between the people rural areas and cities like Warsaw.

So when you travel Poland you will find it interesting to go into the different regions and experience the different cultures and the different foods that belong to cultures of the regions.

For example, the bagel, so popular in the United States, is a product of Krakow from times past. And the foods of Krakow differ greatly from the foods that you find in the Masury Lakes region.

In this web site we have some information about each of the regions. We can give you some historical information. But we can never pass on to you the essence of the feeling that you get when you go to the different regions themselves.

So when you come to Poland tried to visit as many cities as possible. And if possible, get out into the countryside. There is so much to see and it is generally missed by the visitor simply passing through the country.

Simply stated, if you visit Warsaw, you have seen Warsaw and not Poland. If you visit Krakow, you have just seen Krakow. And so it goes on.

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About How Poland Is Presented Here

The information that we present gives you information about traditional life and also about the modern nation that is a member of the European Union and now a very important member of the European community.

Culturally there is a difference that generally follows geographic boundaries. Geographically, some people refer to Poland A and Poland B. One is less developed and less dynamic. The other is more developed with a younger generation of people who have adapted to European ways.

There is also Warsaw, Poland that is essentially an island unto itself. It is a dynamic, growing city. In fact, visitors to Warsaw are surprised, and many are more than surprised, they are shocked, when they see what it is really like as compare to what they thought it would be like. The perception of Warsaw in most of the world is not the Warsaw that exists in reality.

In addition to the geographic cultural considerations, there is a definite delineation along age lines. Specifically most of the younger population has little or no idea of what happened during the days of communism. Additionally, though they profess the conservative Polish form of Roman Catholicism, many of them live the lives of the casual secular population in Western Europe.

As different as the regions and the people are, so are the many things that you can do. The lakes region to the North East offers fishing, hunting, boating and camping. The Baltic coast has fabulous beaches. The South East and South have wonderful agro tourism, the mountains and camping. The cities of Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk are great tourist centers that offer food, entertainment, sightseeing, and shopping.

The Country also presents you many business opportunities. Manufacturers have a reputation for making some excellent products such as glass, crystal, amber and silver jewelry, Christmas ornaments, linen, furniture and oh so many other things. These products are best sellers in many countries and offer opportunities not only for the large retailer, but also for the home business operator.

The opportunities for you to do business are vast. Products have a reputation around the world as being some of the highest quality products that are manufactured in their category. Even though some countries have reputations for exporting very cheap products, Polish products enjoy the distinction of having quality and there is always a market for quality. So while many people look for price, here are others who also are looking for unique products and high quality. They have found this country has the high quality products that satisfy the needs and desires of the customers who are interested in having quality products in their homes and businesses.

Polish products may be sold by businesses large and small. Large businesses can, of course, order directly from the factories by the container load of product. Small businesses, on the other hand, are able to order through order aggregation services and can sell products via drop shipping programs. So whether you have a large business or a small business you can get products that you can sell. You will find that the products that you get of very high quality and that you get them with very good guarantees.

There are distribution opportunities available for people who are interested. If you are interesting in being a regional distributor or if you are interested in being a local retailer, you are invited to get the information that you can see at Be A Free Lance Distributor.

For more information about the country and things related to it, look at the sitemap for the country below and navigation bar to the left.

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