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Poland Winter Weather

About Poland's winter weather in text with videos of actual Polish weather conditions.

Winter conditions in Poland, meaning bitter cold and snow, start in late November and can last until late February.

Temperatures will generally be below 0 degrees Celsius. At times they will go as low as - 20 degrees Celsius.

Most snow accumulation is found in the Southern part of the country, particularly in the mountains.

There is snow along the Baltic Sea Coast in the North, but the defining weather condition there is the brutally cold arctic wind.

Winds from the East, coming in from Siberia, affect the entire country.

Traveling can be difficult. People returning from ski weekends in the Tatra mountains often experience many hours delays due to hazardous driving conditions and accidents on the narrow, single lane roads in the region.

There is separate page and video showing what it is like in the Tatra mountains in the winter time. You can find that by using the search engine above.

Train travel is normally good but it too can be subject to delays.

Snow plows are generally out early and salt roads well. But winter tires are definitely in order.

When planning, always remember that Poland winter weather can be nasty and dangerous. So plan well and plan for tough traveling conditions.

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