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Poland weather current conditions and poland weather forecasts. Poland weather for travelers.

To see current Polish weather conditions and forecast, go to the Polish Government Weather Service at this link called Polish Weather Service.

This Poland weather page gives you additional general information about seasonal weather in Poland.

The intent of this page is to give you, the traveler the ability to both find information about what the weather conditions normally are for Poland plus to give you information about current weather conditions.


Current Poland Weather Conditions And Forecast

The Polish government maintains a very good weather service that you can use to find current Poland weather conditions and to find the Poland weather forecast. The service is structures so that all that you have to do is choose the name of the city in your region and you get a pictorial of either the current Poland weather conditions or the forecast, as you choose.

There are two Poland weather forecast sections in this weather service. They are what are called math forecasts. They are Poland weather forecasts as done by a computer using different mathematical models. What you see are the raw results that are presented to professional weather forecasters. So you should not be surprised if you see a difference. But they do give you a good idea of what the weather really could be like since you see two different projections.

Polish Weather Service.


Beyond the Poland Weather forecasts provided by the Polish government you will also find that CNN provides excellent weather coverage for major cities in Poland. They give both current weather conditions for these major cities and they give a five day weather forecast.

To make it easy for you to get the weather for each of the cities in Poland we have made a special page that has links to each of the cities in Poland. At that page it is just a matter of clicking on the appropriate link and you will get a forecast for that city.

To look at the forecast by CNN for each city, go to

General Weather Conditions For Poland

You should also be aware of what they general weather conditions for Poland are for the season in which you will be traveling. Polish weather conditions often vary drastically from the norm. Many times it will be very warm in the spring and fall when it is normally very cold. This traps many travelers because they look at current weather conditions and a five day forecast without looking at the normal weather patterns. They pack for the abnormal conditions and get trapped when the weather acts as it is normally expected to.

To help you there is a section that discusses the normal weather conditions for Poland that you will find at About Weather In Poland . Do be sure to review that page before you travel.


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