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Poland Weather In May

What you can expect out of the weather in Poland in May.

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The easiest way to explain this is to say that you never know what is coming. And it varies from year to year.

The only thing that seems to be constant is that in the month of May traditionally it is expected that there will be three days of cold weather. The Polish people call them the three gardeners.

The beginning of May has two holidays - those being May Day on the first of May and a religious holiday on the third of May. So many people schedule vacations at that time because, depending on the year, Poland shuts down for almost a week or just a long weekend. Scheduling one of these long weekends is really a gamble because sometimes vacations are spent in cold wet weather.

On the other side of the coin, the weather is rather warm and actually sometimes hot.

It is important to check the weather immediately before you travel so that you are not dissappointed.

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The video below shows you some pictures of what Polish weather can look like, or rather, does look like in May

.These videos were shot in Warsaw, Poland and show you actual conditions.

We recommend strongly that you subscribe to our weather reports on YouTube. They give you a daily weather report and weather forecast so that you get a better feel for what you're getting into if you're coming into Poland in May

.They may not be spot on, but they should give you some sense of what the conditions are looking like.




If you have any videos related to the weather in May, or the weather in Poland in general, please make a video response on YouTube. And do please leave any comments that you have on this information on this YouTube video

.We do hope that this information has helped and if you have any questions,do contact us and we will get back to you.

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