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Watch over 200 free Poland travel and tourisam videos made all over the country and see what it is like before you travel. Ths MasterPage has the largest collection of travel, tourism and culture videos taken from Poland.

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If you are in a hurry, the Poland travel videos are on YouTube under the channel Polcham. To watch them now, go to Polcham.

This video collection about Poland is one of a kind. It highlighst points of interest to tourists who want to know something about places that they would like to visit.

There are a large number of videos related to Warsaw, the main entry point to Poland. They cover the normal points of interest, as well as those things you find by taking a guided walking tour of places off the beaten track.

You get information about how to get from the Warsaw Airport to the Central Train Station, hotels and things to do and see.

And the videos show Warsaw as it is all year round.


And the collection does not stop there. If you are interested in traveling to Bolesalwiec for Polish pottery, to the beautiful City of Wroclaw, or taking a break and going mushroom hunting, there is something there for you.

It does not stop there.

When you get to Poland, there are English language guides for each city. We use them when we get to a city to find points of interest that tourists might like to preview before they start their travels.

Additionally in some cities there are written walking tour guides. We take those walking tours and film as we go.

Then end result is a video collection about Poland with over 200 fun and interesting things to see and things to do.

Once again, you can see it at Polcham.


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