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About train travel in Poland with extensive information about Polish rail system. Videos about the trains and train stations are either included or linked.

Polish intercity train
Intercity Train

This page is about Poland train travel. It first gives you information about the railroad system in Poland and the trains that use that system. After the explanation there is information about buying train tickets and links to the places that you can buy train tickets on line.

QuickLink - Train Ticket Reservations And Help

The train network in Poland is excellent with the highest connection density being in the western part of the country. The Poland InterCity trains are very comfortable and very efficient. The main rail hub is in Warsaw. From Warsaw, you can reach all major cities in Poland in two to five hours. Prices are comfortable at 10 to 40 Euro. Prices, vary, of course, depending on distance and train car class selection. On InterCity trains in Poland you can choose Business Manager's Class, First Class and Second Class. The trains are comfortable and safe.

Experienced travelers in Poland ride the InterCity trains. They find that train travel is more efficient and safer than road travel. And in the Business Managers's section, they can get a lot of work done.

There are generally four classes of trains in Poland. They are intercity trains, express trains, fast trains and commuter trains.

The intercity trains go to the main cities and cross the borders to the neighboring countries. They are the best trains with the best equipment. You reserve seats on them. When you can, take one of these.

Express trains stay within the country. They visit the major cities and larger towns. You can reserve tickets on them.


Polish regional train
Poland Trains
Regional Train

Fast trains are fast locals. The stop at many small towns on their routes to the major cities. There are no reservations and you might end up standing in the hallway without a seat. Seating is dog eat dog. Getting on them when it is crowded is not pleasant. And the ride can be less pleasant. Avoid them if you can.

Commuter trains are low cost transportation that serve the larger cities. They can be crowded. Unlike on the Fast Trains, the people work with you to find room to sit or stand when it is standing room only.




Trains In Video

This video gives you an overview of what the trains are like in Poland as you see them on the rails.

Train Tickets

If you are going to be traveling by train much in Poland, Eastern Europe or Europe, you should consider a rail pass.

rail pass






Disabled Train Travel In Warsaw

This video gives information about disabled train travel.


Rail Passes

Poland Trains Pass- With a rail pass you can see what you want and travel safely and quickly. This pass covers all of Eastern Europe. You get good service in English.


Polish Train Tickets And Schedules

The trains in Poland are great. But getting the schedule and the proper connections can be tough. That is compounded by the fact that very few of the ticket agents speak any language other than Polish. You can get information on line. Here are some convenient Poland train travel links.

The Polish train company, PKP (Polskie Koleje Pañstwowe) is a state-run company. And it is run like a state run company They publish schedules in Polish on Poland Train Page Note that the only schedule information is in Polish.

Tickets - For Inter City Trains, you can check Schedules and routes here.


Poland Train Stations

Because Poland is a much larger country than the others dealt with in this program, you will find that you have a greater number of different train stations to choose from. Although Poland's train system generally runs efficiently, most train stations are old and often cluttered. Though first class is a designation that may be applied to certain train coaches, it does not apply to many train stations.


All major train stations post departure and arrival times on big reader boards that usually are situated above the main passageway to the train platforms. Arrivals are marked przyjazdy, and departures are marked odjazdy. Make sure to determine what kind of train you are boarding. Express and inter-city trains don't stop at all the little towns along the way, while local trains do. You won't travel quickly on a local train.

Because train travel is relatively inexpensive and therefore crowded, you should consider upgrading to first class on longer trips. You will be virtually guaranteed a quieter, more pleasant ride. First class cars generally are cleaner and less attractive to thieves, who tend to hang out in more crowded environs where they are less likely to be noticed.

We do hope that this Poland train travel page has helped.

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