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Phones In Poland - How To Use

Here are some tips and hints on using your telephone in Poland. They can make your trip more comfortable, safer and save you money.

Local Phone Calls

If you use a regular phone to make a local phone call you need more than just the phone number. You must add the city code.

For instance, suppose the phone number in Warsaw is 555 1212 . To call that number, you must add the city code 22 . But when you dial in Poland, you must add a leading 0. So you would dial 0 22 555 1212. If you were calling from abroad, you would not use the zero. A call from abroad would be dialed as +48 22 551212.

If you are calling a mobile phone in Poland from within Poland, you would dial 0 then the mobile phone number without any city code.

There are many public pay phones that you can use. They take a pay card that you can purchase at your hotel or in one of the many kiosks that sell bus and tram tickets. Since most people in the kiosks do not speak English, buy a card at your hotel . You use the same dialing sequences.

A convenient list of the City Codes for Poland are listed at this link. Polish Area Telephone Dialing And City Calling Codes

International Phone Calls To And From Poland

International phone calls to and from Poland can be expensive if you use the regular land lines. But if you make phone calls the way the Polish people do, you can cut your costs drastically.

Millions of Poles have gone to work in Western Europe. And there are millions with families in the United States. So saving on international phone calls is an attention getter.

The Poles have learned that the Skype telephone system is the most convenient and economical for them. If you have never looked at the Skype system, here is a direct link with all their free information about their free and paid services.

And if you travel with your lap top, you can do just as they do. Save a lot of money.

They use the Skype out service extensively. That allows them to call from their computer to a regular telephone. A call from Poland to a regular telephone in the United States costs under 3 Cents per minute. A call made computer to computer is free.

Here are a couple specific hints on using Skype when communicating from Poland.

If you are sponsoring a conference or meeting, set up a Skype number for that conference to cut your costs. Use Skype out to make telephone calls to people who do not use Skype. Look very hard at Skype Out and in particular at the Skype Pro option. You can read our summary of Skype Out here How To Use Skype Out or go directly to the service page and read the terms of service. SkypeOut

Most people who might want to call you will not use Skype even if they have it installed and are regular users. That is simply because they are not always at their computers. So give them a regular phone number. You do this by getting setting up a phone in your home country using Skype. For the US that costs under $19.00 for three months for unlimited use. (That is unlimited calls for less than what one phone call to you can be using a regular phone system.) Have the people call you on that phone. Use the Skype In option for that. For information go to Skype In

As a traveler, use your lap top with Skype Out (See How to Use Skype Out) from internet hot spots.

In any case, use the free phone calls option whether you travel or not. Go to Free Phone Calls

And you can go directly to the Skype Out Service page by clicking here now. SkypeOut



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