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About Nativity Scenes in Poland.

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Some people have a small nativity under the Christmas tree or next to it. It portrays the scene from the Bible when Jesus was born: baby Jesus on hay in a crib, Holy Mary kneeling next to it, St. Joseph standing on the other side, in the back is a donkey and ox, in front of it are shepherds, on top of the shed is the Star of Bethlehem, above are angels, on January 6th, the three wise men are added.

As a note, Nativity Scenes - Szopka –are placed in churches, town markets, and squares.

In Poland nativity scenes in churches symbolize not only the birth of Jesus, but are often commentary to current events. A famous nativity scene was placed in the church of Stanislaw Kostka in the Warsaw Zoliborz district. It portrayed baby Jesus in a trunk of a car, grey figures next to the car. It was a commentary to the kidnapping and killing of the famous priest from this church, Jerzy Popieluszko in October 1984. He was kidnapped, tied, placed in the trunk of a car, then dumped into the Wisla river. This was done by communist secret service, because Popieluszko was closely connected with “Solidarity” and was preaching freedom for Poland on his monthly service called “mass for the homeland.

Below is a picture of that Nativity Scene.

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