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Holidays And Events In Poland

Everything about holidays and events in Poland.

Poland is a country of holidays and events.

There are 13 national holidays. And when a holiday does not fall on a weekend, the people find a way to take days off making their own long weekends.

The people of Poland enjoy their free time in their lifestyle. When it is time to work they work hard. But if there is an opportunity to take time off on or around any holiday, they find an excuse to do so.

They travel in country and out of the country.

And over those long weekends, companies schedule many events to keep the population busy.

And then of course, on every national holiday itself, the cities and churches schedule events related to the particular holiday.

And even though there are not holidays on particular weekends, the event calendar is filled around the country. There are celebrations of all kinds, expositions and promotional activities.

In the site map at the bottom of this page we have listed information about many events in Poland. You are invited to review that site and bookmark this page because we continually update the events as we film and move around the country.

If you have any videos of events, add them as video responses to one of ours. It does not matter whether you are an individual who made a trip to Poland or are a company in Poland that wishes to promote is event, we are more than interested in information that you have.

If you have any such information about any event, be it large or small, whether it occurred in the past or will occur in the future, contact us through this page and tell us what you have and we will work out the details with you.

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