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Palace Of Culture Warsaw, Poland

About the Palace of Culture located in Warsaw, Poland. A video of the Palace and the surrounding area is included.

The Warsaw Centrum is defined by the Palace of Culture at Plac DeFilad. At one time it was the only tall building in the Centrum. But since the fall of communism other tall buildings are allowed in the area.

In the beginning, no building that would obstruct the view to the Palace could be built. To the public the reason was one of visibility. The hidden reason was that the authorities needed unobstructed lines of fire in times of war or insurrection.

Palace of Culture Warsaw

This gift from Russia to the Polish people was a hated symbol of communist domination. It was at Plac Defilad (Parade Square) that the communists held their rallies that the people were required to attend. You can see Plac Defilad in the video below.

But times have changed. Today it is accepted as part of Poland's history. There are so many things going on there that the people do not remember so much of the past.

The rooms in the Palace with steel armored walls are now used for office space. There are expositions, movies and outside events. And Warsaw's skyline is changing. In time, the older people will die off, and their memories with them, leaving the Palace just one of many more tall buildings in Warsaw.

In this page there is a video that tries to capture the enormity of the building and the surrounding area. In other pages there is much more descriptive information. See Palace Of Culture Facts

When you come to Warsaw, take the time to go to the top of the Palace of Culture and look out over the City of Warsaw. Compare what you see today with the pictures on the walls that were taken immediately after World War II. That comparison will put Poland and the Polish people in the proper perspective.

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The Technical Museum is also well worth a visit. There is video on it that you can find in the Warsaw Palace Of Culture Technical Museum

In any case, do put a visit to the Palace of Culture Warsaw on your list of things to do.

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