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Auschwitz Death Camp
At Oswiecim

About the City of Oswiecim, Poland that is the location of Nazi Death Camp Auschwitz.

This page gives you information about the City of Oswiecim, Poland that is the location of Nazi Death Camp Auschwitz. It covers all aspects the City of Oswiecim and of Auschwitz. If you are interested in information specifically about the Auschwitz Concentration camp, there is a special page devoted just to that Auschwitz Concentration camp. To go to that page, click on this link. Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

About Oswiecim

Oswiecim, more widely known by the name of the death camp as Auschwitz, lies in Southern Poland at the junction of the Wisla and Sola Rivers. Oswiecim borders three very important regions of economic activity in Poland. It has a population of about 43,000 people and covers an area of about 30 square kilometers. Here is a link to a map that shows its location. Map Of Oswiecim, Poland.

The two largest airports in Southern Poland are relatively close to Oswiecim. They are the Balice Airport in Krakow, Poland and the Pyrzowice Airport in Katowice, Poland.

The City of Oswiecim has traditionally been a very important rail junction for Poland and Eastern Europe. There are Inter City and Euro City rail connections in Oswiecim. The rail connections from Oswiecim to Vienna, Prague and Bratislava are fairly convenient. In fact, the most convenient connections for visitors to Oswiecim and the Auschwitz Nazi Death Camp are by rail.

The A4 Motorway is close by and a new road, M1, will be built near the city. Even so, travel by rail is now and will be most convenient.

There are 5 hotels with over 400 beds. Even so, most people stay in Krakow and travel to Auschwitz to take tours. You must make arrangements to stay in the Oswiecim long in advance, especially in the summer months, due to the huge number of visitors to the City.

Here is a link to a service to check room availability. When you go there, search OSWIECIM . If you are planning a trip, do it now.

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City Of Oswiecim

The municipal authorities have placed much emphasis on economic development. It can be characterized as an industrial town with well developed trade and services sectors. There is a large chemical plant in the region of the town and that has fostered the development of an active chemical industry. Additionally there are well developed industrial gas and electro-mechanical sectors.

There is a full service customs clearance facility in Oswiecim. As such, it is a regional trade hub.

Auschwitz The Culture

The town is a town of rich cultural tradition. There are many cultural and educational institutions that pursue a variety of local initiatives and organize local cultural events. The events are both local and international in nature and scope. The aim of the programs is to promote the city as a Town Of Peace. They intend to popularize peace initiatives and help artists living in the city promote themselves locally and abroad.

Cultural institutions in Oswiecim include the following: The Karol Szymanowski School Of Music. The Oswiecim Center for Culture. The Municipal Public Library with six branches. The Youth Center For Culture. The Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum. The International Youth Meeting House. The Jewish Center Foundation. The Regional Artists Association. The Oswiecim Center For Culture.

The Malopolska Zachodnia Business Center functions to support local business. The center works in conjunction with the municipal authorities to manage urban development in such a way as to avoid a collision between the tourism and service sectors and industrial development

The existing tourist infrastructure does not meet the standards desired by the city. This offers foreign investors some promising opportunities. There are many opportunities just for the asking.

Some of the opportunities include tourism supporting investments. One should look near the Auschwitz Birkenau Museum. One should look at road and rail transit through Oswiecim on the routes from Silesia to the Beskidy Mountains. Also near the Sola and Wisla Rivers and the City's sports facilities. And one should look to support facilities for visitors to the town who come for important cultural and sporting events.

Touring Oswiecim

You will find that Oswiecim is a very charming, green town that is located in the Valley of Oswiecim. The buildings that survive from the 12th and 13th Century give the town a special ambiance. The earliest records of the city come from 1179. At one time, it was the capital of the independent Duchy of Oswiecim.

Even though most of the buildings were destroyed during the Swedish invasion in the 17th Century, as well as periods after that, there are enough remaining things to be admired. For example, the Old Town is laid out in the Medieval fashion and has many patricians houses. There are also the Oswiecim Castle with its 13th Century Gothic Tower, the 14th Century Parish Church of the Assumption, the Salesian Church and the Chapel of St. Jack and the covent of Salesian Sisters.

The Oswiecim Jewish Center, whose aim is to spread the knowledge of the five century pre-war history of the Jewish population in Oswiecim and their long history of peaceful cohabitation in Oswiecim. As part of that effort, you are encouraged to visit the Chewra Lomdei Misznajot Synagogue that is part of the Jewish Center.

For complete information about touring Oswiecim and Auschwitz, go to Auschwitz Tours

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