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How to order Polish pottery wholesale at factory direct prices.

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Boleslawiec, Poland is famous for its pottery and ceramics. Polish pottery and Polish ceramics from Boleslawiec, Poland have made Boleslawiec the name for Polish pottery as much as the name for the city Boleslawiec.

The unique tale of Polish Pottery began millennia ago when the rustic and beautiful craft of pottery in general first started to flourish. As civilizations across the world developed, so did the variety and quality of pottery as it evolved into three major categories: earthenware; porcelain; and, stoneware. In fact, original potters made many pieces so durable that those same vessels shaped millennia ago are preserved virtually unchanged today!

High quality Polish pottery is classified as European stoneware, a very hard product shaped from opaque, white clay of the highest quality. Ordering Polish pottery from these factories is common.

Polish artisans specialize in making pottery as it has been for centuries. Their pottery is traditionally glazed, painted, and hand stamped with a sea sponge. Products are handmade and designed in adherence to celebrated heritage. As a matter of fact, some of the most famous original designs include those commissioned by renowned Frederick the Great, King of Prussia from 1740-1786.

How Polish Pottery Is Made

polish pottery pitcher

High quality Polish pottery is oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe because the artists carefully select their clays and bake them at the vitrifying temperature of 2,246 degrees Fahrenheit. As with all stoneware, however, one should avoid sudden, extreme changes in temperature. Furthermore, the artisans coat all colored patterns with a transparent, protective glaze in order to make each piece chip resistant and easy to clean. The exceptional colors are chosen according to Polish custom and include a unique, vibrant blend of cobalt blues, cuprous greens, and ferrous, reddish browns that encourage liberal mixing and matching with other patterns. High quality Polish Pottery does not contain lead like other famous European stoneware lines.

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You can utilize these beautiful and durable wares for years and years while capitalizing upon their multiple functions including cooking, serving, dining, and decorative art. These items are not crafted to merely sit in a curio cabinet and look beautiful; rather, they are fashioned for both attractiveness and continuous use. The colorful stoneware is particularly spectacular for creating a place setting, baking, or serving collection and is especially captivating when used as an attention-grabber for any food you serve at your own party or a friend's. You can start a collection or actually redecorate! Even a few special nick-knacks thoughtfully positioned throughout your home will bring out the best in your display. These gems make memorable gifts as well! Either way, friends and family will definitely compliment you and your Polish Pottery!

Polish pottery has become very popular in many international circles. It is particularly popular in the United States because so many people have been introduced to it as a result of spending time in the US military services in Germany where so many people use Polish pottery.



There are many factories. Some of the factories in Poland that make absolutely fantastic pottery are relatively unknown. The factories that have been promoted most widely are generally backordered a few months and their prices reflect their popularity. The lesser known factories often have some unique pieces at better prices.

When purchasing pottery for your own use, you can find a huge selection in the shops in the city of Boleslawiec. You can find more limited selections in cities around Poland.

Some of the factories have distributors around the world. And at least one famous factory sells only through those distributors. In fact, that factory does not even sell pottery in Poland. Almost all its production goes directly to distributors in the United States. But others are more even handed with their distribution.

To order Polish pottery directly from the factory, use the free information service that you find under the link that follows. Provide as much information as you can when in the process of contacting the factory. Free Information Service.


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