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Poland presents you many opportunities for business and investment. There are opportunities for large as well as small businesses.

Poland is experiencing an economic boom and investment capital is pouring into the country. Real estate prices are skyrocketing. There is a shortage of housing. There is a shortage of building materials. Real estate prices have increased anywhere from 10 to 30 percent over the past year. European investors are buying flats and land. Some see Poland as Ireland of 25 years ago.

Polish exports are booming. The world has come to recognize the quality of Polish products.

Poland is the home to many fine firms that make handcrafted items of the finest quality. They include, but are not limited to, Christmas Ornaments, Crystal, Salt Lamps, Glass, Amber and Silver Jewelry, Hand Painted Ceramic Pottery, Linen and Porcelain.

This site discusses these opportunities in many sections. To make it easy for you, we listed links to particular products above. And below this are a couple more appropriate links for more information.

For information about Real Estate, go to Investing In Real Estate In Poland.

For information about particular business opportunities, go to Business Opportunities In Poland

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