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Online hotel, train, bus, limousine, shuttle, bed and breakfast and more tickets for Poland.

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In the lower part of this page is a series of links is a city where you can buy online tickets for most of the services related to travel in Poland.

Some of the services are duplicated and some of them are in Polish only. But we provide them so that you can make your own informed choice.

Regardless of what service you use, and even if you use a travel agent, we recommend that you look at the travel information that you get when you click on the link under the image to the right.

We always recommend strongly that you travel with a map in hand and that before you travel you have used that map to prepare and marked your path on that map so that when you get there you do not look confused. People with that look of confusion on their face are marks of thieves and con artists.

We also recommend that you read travel safety Poland.

Self Help Ticketing Services

Use these services for all your ticketing needs.

Eastern Europe Rail Pass

This is a rail pass for Eastern Europe. If you are going to be doing much more than minor travel, you should consider a rail pass.

Rail Europe

This is one of the top ticketing services for Europe. It comes very highly recommended.

Train Tickets

This is the Polish railways ticketing system. It is effective on finding the routes and adding the cities can be somewhat difficult. for information about the various type trains in Poland go to this link.

Intercity Train Tickets

Use this to my intercity train tickets. Is limited to intercity trains. You might want to read about them out this link.


Hotels By City

Find what is available directly in over 400 cities in Poland.


A Polish language service that you can use to get cheap flights.

Poland Shuttle

Limousine services, airport transfers and more. This outfit pretty much satisfies all your ground transfer needs other than trains.

International Travel Insurance

Something that you need. Compare costs here.




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