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National Stadium Warsaw

About and how to get to the National Stadium in Warsaw.


The Polish national Stadium lies on the Eastern side of the Wisla River in the Praga District of Warsaw.

Since most travelers come to Warsaw via the Warsaw Central train station or Okecie Airport, they must cross the Wisla to get to the stadium.

The distance from the airport is about 10 km and the distance from the Central train station is about 3.5 .

There are bridges across the Wisla that will take you directly to the stadium parking lot if you go by car or walk. Many people walk from the Centrum to the stadium.

Videos shown and linked below give you more on the location and will aquatinted you with the surroundings.

You can also cross by using public transportation, namely bus, commuter train, or tram.

Practically speaking, getting to the stadium is fairly easy.

But with a seating capacity of over 58,000 people, when it comes time to leave the stadium, getting back across the river can be an interesting experience.

The public transportation system is simply unable to handle the large number of people that suddenly descend upon the stations.


The police provide some help by closing roads in the region.

In any case, a large number of people are left to walk across the bridge on ul. Jerozolimskie get back to the Warsaw Centrum side of the river.

The stadium is more than just the home of a Polish national team.

It is actually built as a main activities and conference center.It also has conference centers and supports many other excellent events and athletic activities.





The video on the left gives you more perspective on the stadium.


For information about restaurants near the National Stadium and hotels in the region, here is a link to our restaurants in Poland page and here is the link to our page on where to stay in Poland.

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