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Metro Warsaw Poland

About the Metro in Warsaw Poland with maps and user information.

warsaw metro entrance

The Masterpage has a complete library of information about the Metro.

Links to the various pages related to the Warsaw Metro are listed below this top section and above the video showing the metro construction of the second - East West - section in its early stage.

The North South line is completed. Information about it and each of the stations on the line is in the first link below.

In this page there is information about the current state of construction with videos and links to videos showing the progress of construction.

Specific Information about the Warsaw Metro:

Warsaw Metro

This is perhaps the most comprehensive page. It includes information about every station on the North South Line.

Map of the Warsaw Metro

Information about maps and a .pdf map that you can download.

Warsaw Metro Tickets

About and how to buy tickets for the Warsaw Metro Line.


The vidoeo to the left shows the early stages of metro construction in Poland.

We do hope that this Metro Warsaw, Poland page has been informative.

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