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Map Of Poznan

Maps of Poznan Poland and maps of the Poznan Poland Trade Fair

This page contains a series of maps that concern Poznan. Maps on the Internet are very nice to use for general work, but if your are coming to Poznan you may wish to have a printed map delivered to you before you come to Poznan. In this way you can prepare and you will be not be confused when you get to Poznan.

Map Poznan In Poland

For the latest on line map and satellite view of Poznan, go to this link called Map and Satellite View of Poznan Poland.

The Polish name of the Poznan International Trade Fair is Miedzynarodowe Targi Poznanskie


This map shows the position of Poznan in Europe. Note that Poznan is close to the German border. Poznan is readily accessible by rail from Warsaw, Poland and from Berlin, Germany.






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Poznan In Poland

This map shows the position of Poznan in Poland and give some information about towns in the region of Poznan.





















This is a fairly good street map of Poznan.

Online maps are fine, but if you are traveling there, you will do well by yourself to get some city maps sent before you travel. You can find them at Poland City Maps.


















This is a very helpful general layout of the Poznan Fair grounds. When you get to the fairgrounds you can get your own map of the Fair grounds at the gate.







This is not a map of Poznan but an elevated view of the Poznan Trade Fair grounds.




We do hope that this maps of Poznan page has been helpful.

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