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Lyme Disease Poland

The Two European strains as well as the American strain of Lyme disease exist in Poland.

Due to the heavy prevalence of mushroom picking in Poland during the one of the high points of tick season in Poland, there are many people who contract borreliosis of one form or another.

The Polish national health system adheres to the same guidelines as IDAS. They recommend a short term of antibiotics for curing Lyme disease.

And like in the United States, there is a war between Lyme disease practitioners with the a group of practitioners who believe that the diagnosis of Lyme disease is a clinical analysis and it requires a long-term solution. Because the national health service does not reimburse for long-term care for Lyme disease, care is private.

There is a resource site about Lyme Disease that has a significant amount of information about Lyme Disease in general and a great deal of information about it in Poland. Here is a link to the resource section.

At that site you can get access to Polish forums to get all your questions answered related to the disease.

The ticks that carry Lyme disease are perhaps the most dangerous parasite for human beings. Information about ticks and how to remove them can be found at Lyme Disease Ticks.

If you have any information about Lyme Disease in Poland, please send it to us by using our contact form.

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