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Lodz is Poland's second-largest city. In spite of its size, for many years it languished in the shadows of Warsaw.

But this has changed. Lodz is now a dynamic growing city that is becoming very attractive to businesses and tourists alike.

Lodz with the population of one million is a city in which all roads lead to Piotrkowska Street - a seven kilometre promenade and commercial centre, the longest such street in Europe. On this street you will find banks, churches, hotels, theatres, also half of the shops in Lodz, most galleries and book-shops, the best restaurants, coffee bars and pubs. "Putting all in Piotrkowska is Lodz-dwellers' perpetual goal".


Lodz of today is an important economic centre. Yearly trade fairs include: "Intertelecom" - International Fair of Telecommunications, "Interglass" - International Glass and Ceramics Fair, "Na styku kultur" - International Tourism Sites Fair.

Lodz Airport

Lodz is situated in the centre of Poland. The public transport infrastructure is well developed. It will soon be the hub for two trans European motorways.

You can locate Lodz on the map of Poland that you find here. Lodz is directly in the center of the map.



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Foreign investors have found that Lodz is a good place to establish new manufacturing facilities. Investment in new manufacturing in Lodz has given a boost to the city and offers the local Lodz population opportunities for new jobs.

Foreign investors have chosen Lodz generally because of its central location in Poland and because of low wages.

Gillette has had a factory there for some years. Procter and Gamble will fill up build a factory to produce baby products. And Dell Computer will build a factory to assemble computers.

So many investors are interested in the L�dz Special economic zones that combined value of new investments for 2006 in the zone may amount even EUR 300 million. These investments are expected to make a permanent change to the face of Lodz as a high technology and modern manufacturing center

Traditionally Lodz had a very large Jewish population. There are many historical places to visit that tell the history of the Jewish people who were so involved in the development of Lodz over many years.

Lodz is not a very far from Warsaw. Train connections to Lodz from Warsaw are convenient and fast. You can get information about the Polish train system from Warsaw to Lodz at this link. Poland Train Transportation

New roads funded by European Union money are making Lodz accessible by road. People who are not accustomed to the Polish roads are advised to a the train from Warsaw to Lodz. You can get information about Polish roads at this link. Polish Roads

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