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About Lodging In Poland

In the major Polish cities you will find hotels that belong to many of the international hotel chains. These chains need little introduction and you can find them by going to their websites or using the online booking services.

But there are many more opportunities to find lodging in Poland. In this page we discuss some of those opportunities.

Local Hotels And Guest Houses

Outside the major cities, in the smaller cities and towns as well as in the tourist areas you will find many local hotels and guest houses. Unless you have a local contact, you might want to either read the information about how to find an inexpensive hotel in Poland or to go directly to a booking service that has listings for lodging all over the country.

Additionally we have information about Local Hotels And Accomodations under the link. Included is a video that gives you pictures of many.


For the most part you will find cabins in the tourist areas such as along the Baltic Coast and in the Mazury Lakes region. Cabins are generally for families of four or more. And most rentals are for at least a week.

They are very popular and often rented out by the end of January each year. See the video and text on cabins in Poland.

Bed And Breakfast

Due to the large number of guest houses, bed and breakfast, per se is not as popular in Poland as in some countries. The clocal hotels, guest houses and Noclegi (Bed Without Breakfast) satisfy most of what the people in Poland need.

Bed Without Breakfast

Called Noclegi in Polish, this type lodging is very popular among the young. Generally one gets a room with a bed. There is either an included bathroom or a shared bathroom. The furnishings and rooms are basic but generally nice. They are sleeping rooms and little more. But that is what many people want.


There are many aparments available for rent to business people and tourists. They are usually rented to people who will be in Poland on an extended stay.


Along the main roads you will see locally owned motels. Some just provide rooms - meaning that there are no food services. Others are supported by inns and food service areas.

Many of the motels serve the wedding banquet and nameday party trade. People come from all over the country for weddings and nameday celebrations, party at the inn and stay over in the motel. And, of course, travelers stay overnight as they pass through the country.

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