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The information in this living in Poland page relates more to people who come to Poland for extended stays. You can help build this section by contributing anything that you might be useful.

The expat community in Poland provides a different perspective on life in Poland, doing business here and what it takes to move around. So though the information here is generally for expats, travlers may find some of the information quite useful.

Here are links to pages that answer many questions that we get about life in Poland. They generally answer questions that we get from people who will be on a tour or extended stay in Poland. The subjects are mixed and added as we get questions.

Shopping In Warsaw


Life In Poland


Polish December Weather And Driving In The Snow

During December, the temperatures in Poland are generally below zero degrees Celcius. And snow is very likely. Driving in the snow or any inclement weather for that matter, in Poland can be very dangerous.

Polish Roads

The Polish Roads are not bad. The drivers are terrible. You should fully understand what you are getting into before you take a chance on driving in Poland.

Polish Road Kill Statistics

Poland has one of the worst road death rates in Europe. This page gives the detais.

Polish Driving Habits

This applies to you even if you are just going to walk the streets in Poland.

Life In Poland

This page gives you some background on what it is like on a daily basis to live and work in Poland.

Polish Hospital Care And Food

Practical information about what it is like to be in a Polish hospital.

Metric Use And Conversion

About measuring and weighing in Poland.

English Language Schools

There are some very good Enlish language schools in Poland. The list here gives you a start. Your embassy and chamber of commerce will also be a place you should take some time to visit to get their recommendations. Embaassies are at Embassies In Poland


Health And Fitness

Health is an international issue. And as operators of a web site in Poland, we are asked by many people about health issues related to Poland. In response to those questions we have put up many pages that discuss health in general and issues related to alternative medical cures in Poland.

Rather than repeating the information about home remedies and alternative medical cures in Poland, we refer you to that separate section that has information about health. You can find that by going to Alternative Medicine

Emergency Medical Services

Pharmacies In Poland

Finding A Dentist

Dental Work In Poland

Poland Dentist

This is a great system to use when at home or abroad.

Medical Tourism

For information about short term medical insurance for tourists, go here.


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