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About Krosno glass and how to buy it wholesale.

Note: If you have come to this page with the intention of getting a information from a Polish factory about Krosno glass, you are invited to go to the Poland Chamber page that is dedicated to Krosno glass producers and other glass studios in Poland. Click on Wholesale Glass

Most people know the name Krosno and think that it is a particular glass line. Krosno, however, is actually the name of a city. The town is described as "an unusual town in a unique place."

The city lies in the very Southeastern part of Poland. It is located South and East of Krakow. You can see a map of the city at this link Krosno Poland and when you go their you can change the scale to see the location relative to Krakow.

And the City maintains its own web site with general information that you might find interesting. See Krosno Even though it is best known internationally for its glass, the City gives little information about it and emphasizes City as a larger entity.

Krosno is the home to several glass works that are known the world over. Some of the glass manufacturing factories do subcontracting work for foreign firms.

But at the same time, it is an oil region. In times past, oil would be found seeping to the land's surface. And today it remains important to Poland's oil and natural gas industries.

Picture decorated Krosno Glass
Krosno Glass

The factories in Krosno produce both machine formed and hand blown products. And because of their well earned reputations for quality and reliability, they generally keep their production lines fully occupied.

Customers come to these Polish factories and pay more for their glass rather than going to the factories in the Far East that provide cheap products. The reasons include: consistent high quality, consistent reliability, fine designs, short shipping distances to Europe, and good client relations practices.

The factories all have minimum order requirements. Generally they are more than one thousand of any one item. In some cases they can be as high as five and ten thousand of an item. Orders for less than a pallet load of an item are generally not taken. In some cases, a full container load of products is required.

Visiting a factory can be an ordeal if for no other reason than the location of the City. If one comes into Poland via Krakow, the travel is relatively easy. But if you come into Poland from Warsaw, it takes a good day to get there.

If you need a guide or translator to help you make the arrangements, read the information about Tour Guides.

If you want to make travel arrangements on your own and check the costs for hotel reservations in Krosno, go to Poland Hotels


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