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About the Krakow Airport with transfer and travel connections to and from the airport.

The Balice airport was a military site until February 28th, 1968. Four years later the first passenger terminal was built there. In 1988 the authorities decided to build a new terminal, which was introduced to public use in 1993. In 1995 the whole apron was thoroughly modernized. In 1998 it was decided that Pope John Paul II would be the official patron of the airport. It was modernized once more in 2002 and since then new international connections have been established. It has 756 parking spaces, including 15 bus parking spaces. 1 hr costs 5 PLN.


Krakow Airport Transfers To Hotels And Auschwitz

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Krakow Airport Location

Krakow-Balice International Airport is located in the south of Poland, 11 km to the west from Krakow, at the altitude of 241 m above sea level.

Miedzynarodowy Port Lotniczy im. Jana Pawla II Kraków-Balice sp. z.o.o
32-083 Balice
gm. Zabierzów
woj. Malopolskie

The northern border of the airport is adjacent to Krakow-Katowice motorway, in the west it is situated next to Morawica, in the east the airport borders with a motorway in the direction of Tarnow and the southern part of the airport is used by technical services and facilities of the military air transport base and the civil airport.

The airport's climate is generally similar to the climate of Southern Poland. The average day temperature at the airport is as follows: the highest temperature in July 22.8 C and the lowest temperature in January -6.6 C. You can get information about the Polish climate and other general information about Poland when you click on this link. Free Travel Information And Travel Help For Poland

Krakow Information

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Road To Krakow: Get a road map and map of Krakow. Map Of Krakow

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How To Get To And From The Krakow Airport From Locations in Krakow

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One can easily get to the Krakow airport from the city or back by car, taxi or bus.

The airport is a thirty minutes' drive or so from the city center. Its 24 hour parking lot accommodates over 700 vehicles and is situated opposite the passenger terminal.

Two bus services are available every 15-25 minutes. Line 192 connects the Balice airport with Krakow's Rondo Mogilskie downtown roundabout via the Krakow Glowny central rail station. Line 208 runs to the Krakow Glowny station. The fare: PLN 2.40 by bus no. 192; PLN 2.60 by bus no. 208. One needs a separate ticket for every piece of luggage. Timetables for these buses are available at: Krakow Buses and Krakow Buses 2.

A taxi stand is situated by the passenger terminal. One may also phone one of Krakow's taxi calling centers and they will send the nearest cab available. Fare for a ride within the city border should not exceed the equivalent of $20.

Krakow Airport Connections

John Paul II KrakOw-Balice International Airport has a favourable location in the network of air traffic routes.

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