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The MasterPage went online in 1996. Over the years it grew as the amount of information in each category expanded to the point that it was somewhat difficult to provide information about Poland in one website.

So we split the MasterPage up into a network of targeted websites, each of which focuses on a separate category of information about Poland.

The search engine to the above right searches this entire network of sites. So if you have come to this page as a result of a targeted search, you can refine that search by using our network search engine.

As an additional aid, there is a complete table of contents that is linked in the bottom navigation bar. It is a visitor site map for people interested in information about Poland.

As you visit each new page in the MasterPage, be sure to go to the bottom and look below the navigation bar. At the bottom of each of these pages should be links to every page within the master page that is related to that particular category.

By way of example, all pages related to what accommodations in Poland will be listed at the bottom of every page that is so related.

And then finally, if you cannot find the information that you want, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

If you happen to have information about Poland that you think should be in this website or a video about Poland, please note the information below and contact us so that we can add your information in a way that it will be useful to people who have an interest in Poland.

Once again, if you need help, contact us.


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