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About import duties, fees and taxes for Poland and other countries.


The import duties and taxes for Poland, and any other country for that matter, are rendered by the country into which the products are being sent. Import duties and taxes are not rendered by the country from which the products are being exported.

To find what the import duty is for a particular product, you must contact the country that is rendering the import duty. The country that is exporting the products does not have the information about the import duty for other countries.

Countries typically have publications that they issue that explain the regulations and the import duty for that particular country. For example, if you are interested in the duty import taxes for the United States, here is the publication that they issue. You can get the publication via the link on Books on the Import Export Business that you see below.

You will find that even though there are written regulations, the application of the duty import fees and duty import taxes depends on the customs officer who is processing the order. And because there is a definite difference in how the laws are applied among customs offices and even among the customs officers within a given customs office, any estimates of the duties that you will have to pay are just that. They are estimates. You must await the final decision by the customs officer to know what you will finally have to pay.

Of course once you have experience and records, you will know generally how the law will be applied and you can better estimate your duty import taxes.

But please be sure to understand that there is a lot more than just import duty that you will have to pay. There are port charges, agents fees, customs bonds, and other things that are charged against your account. These charges can be significant so you must consider them when making up your order.

The import export business is full of traps for the unwary. So you must do your homework and read a lot of information.

Even after you read the information, the best thing that you can do is work with an experienced shipping agent. That agent can help you with a good estimate of all the fees.

Additionally the factory that is shipping the products to you will probably have the best information. They are obviously experts on their own products and can give you detailed information about those products.

If you are researching import duties, you are likely new to the import export business. So it might be best for you to review a bit more about the import export business.

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