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How To Call Poland Free

Learn how to call Poland free with complete tutorial.

You can make free telephone calls to and from Poland when you use the Skype telephone system.

In fact you can make free telephone calls to and from Poland to and from anywhere if you use the Skype telephone system.

This is a very popular system in Poland. Polish people are prolific users of this free telephone system. So most of your calls to people and businesses can be done free.

If You Do Not Have The Skype System Installed Read This

Skype is a telephone system that provides several levels of service.

It is an Internet based system that allows you to make free calls other users that have Skype on their computer, and if they do not have skype, call people's regular telephone and mobile telephone numbers at incredibly low rates. It also gives you a free voice mail service and many other options and add-ons.

You can use the free services to:

checkMake Free calls to other people on Skype

checkMake Free video calls on Skype

check Make Free one-to-one and group chats

check Make Free conference calls with up to nine people

check Get Free forwarding of calls to other Skype users

There are also paid services that allow any business, from the largest corporations and the world to the smallest home business operator to make drastic saving to the phone bill. These are detailed at Effective Use Of Skype

To give you examples of how Skype is used:

A call from Poland to the United States or from the United States to Poland costs only about 2� per minute.

If you are a resident of the United States, you can make unlimited phone calls in the United States and Canada for under $30 per year.

If you have not used Skype before start with the free service and get familiar with the system. Go to the link at the bottom of this page and make the free download. It does not require any credit card or any financial committment. And what you are there just take some time to review what services they provide.

We use both the free and paid services for all our calls. It makes it nice for our customers to hear from us in Poland. It has cut our phone costs drastically and has improved our sales dramatically.

Go to Free Phone Calls and start with the free download and then try calling us free.

And if you have a business, look at the special business service add-ons. Go to Skype for business add-ons.

And before we go further in describing this system, let us say that we promote the Skype telephone system simply because it saves us time and money when communicating with our customers. Making international calls with the normal commercial telephone systems are expensive. So we like to use the Skype system because we can make international calls free. And we would like you to have the Skype system on your computer so that we can talk you free.

As a side benefit to you, you can use the Skype system to make people calls anywhere free.

This is how the Skype telephone system works:

You download a program to your computer. Downloading the program is free and the program is free. There are no charges whatsoever. And there is no spyware.

You install a headset on your computer and connect your computer to the Internet on a direct connection.

You choose a profile and get a Skype identifier name that you choose. Our Skype identifier name, for example, is polcham.

When you want to call someone, you enter their Skype identifier name or use the Skype directory to find them. If they are online, their computer will ring. When they pick up you talk to them just as if you had a regular telephone.

Skype has a new feature that allows you to call from your computer to a regular telephone number. We use this feature of ourselves because the call rates are very low and it allows us to contact people who neither have Skype nor internet connections.

If you do not have Skype here is a link to the Skype page where you can download the program. Click on Free Phone Calls

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