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How To Buy Train Tickets In Poland

Information on how to buy train tickets in Poland. Use for local, intercity and international ticketing.

There are three basic types of tickets for Polish trains. The first type is for the InterCity express trains and the second is for national trains and the third is for local commuter trains.

You can buy InterCity and EuroCity train tickets online.

You CANNOT buy national or commuter train tickets online.

Tickets And Schedules

Rail Europe

This is perhaps the most convenient system to use for buying InterCity and Eurocity tickets anywhere in Europe and Eastern Europe.

The video content presented here requires a more recent version of the Adobe Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

For your convenience we have added a 2 1/2 minute video tutorial that shows you how to use the system. You might find it convenient to watch this video first so the ticketing system is easier to use.

Not that you can shift the video to full screen if you wish. But for the most part that should not be necessary.

Points to note are that the time selection in the form below is for the earliest time that you want a train.

Also note that direct online booking is available only for trains scheduled to leave two days after the current date. For trains on the current date or one day later, you will be prompted to make a phone call to the service center to arrange tickets.

This is the Rail Europe Ticket Reservation system described in the video just above. Just click on the video and it will walk you through the process of making reservations with this form.





Eastern Europe Rail Pass

You might find that you can save some significant money by purchasing a rail pass. Do take the time to look at this.

Train Tickets

You can find information about all the trains, but cannot buy anything, at this link. At least you can see what you can buy when you go to a train station.

Intercity Train Tickets

There is a special site for Intercity ticketing. The intercity ticketing system is run by the Polish railroads. Sometimes it can be confusing. To help you with it, we have a special page on how to use the system. That is at Intercity Train Tickets . You are advised to read it before you try to buy a ticket online.


Because national and commuter train tickets must be bought at offline ticket offices, there are no services that you can use to have someone buy tickets for you without significant upcharges - unless you buy a tour or travel package from them.


Online Information About Train Tickets

There are two main places on the internet that deal specifically with train tickets in Poland. Use them to get information about buying tickets on all trains that run through Poland.

The first deals with local trains. Train Schedules

The second deals with intercity trains. Intercity

You can use both of them to check the train schedules.

You can, however, only buy tickets online through the site that deals with intercity trains. For most foreign travelers, however, that is enough. The local trains are not that busy and you normally can get a seat even without a reservation.

A note about making reservations well in advance of your travel. If you ask for rates and schedules too far in advance, you will not get the information. The reason is that train schedules change and rates change. Likewise the monetary exchange rates change. So the railroads, and the ticketing services, are not willing to quote.

And what is too far in advance? That depends on the train and the service. If it happens to you, do not get too worried. It is normal. Just wait and schedule at a later time. Everyone is in the same boat so you will not be preempted by others.

The Local Ticket Buying Process

The national trains and commuter trains mostly server Polish people. The ticket vendors mostly don't speak English or any other language.

They work for a State owned company.

And many of them are less than service oriented.

So arrive early, if you can, bring someone who speaks Polish with you to make the purchase, and be ready for the possibility of a less than pleasant experience.


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